Tuesday, 25 December 2012



This is for Jam's friend coming from Amsterdam
for the holidays.
Dollar store box I painted it gold on the lid I used
the tec that Fiona does.
Apply a thick layer of glue, ( clear drying kind)
 then added some drops of alcohol ink.
I was suppose to do 2 colours then blow dry,
add other colour and dry again. sadly
I added all the colours together and the colour got
mucky. I didn't mind who it turned out, I went
over it with gold cream rub.
I used a piece from a necklace to embellish the lid.
Added gold ribbon and gold bead rope.
The hole in the front was  covered with chicken wire so
I cover it with gold ribbon.
I painted some little wooden blocks gold and
added them to make feet.
Sorry the pics aren't great.
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Tonniece said...

Quite pretty Di