Monday, 9 December 2013


I wanted to thank all of you wonderful woman who
stopped by to leave me some LOVE, nothing helps
healing faster then that, love you all too..

I thought about my tags while I was in the hospital, I knew
I didn't like the blue file folders I had cut...
My sister has given me lots, like a box of brown pkg. paper.
I painted them with floor wax we get here in Canada, I had mine sitting in my cupboard for a few years, It's still good.

I tore them into 12in. x 12in. , I had to use my floor to dry them

Tore them to 6in. x 6in., added gathered twig to the edges,
curled the edges..

Stamped the sentiment on strips I tore on my
rusted material..

The brown paper is quite thin, I had these label sheets
edged them with the twig ( love it ) and splashed it with water.  

I attached the label to the back, added some ribbon between.
Punched it with my embossed name..
Part two below, hopefully :O).. 
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Sue Lelli said...

LOVE part one. Can't wait to see part two. So GLAD you are home from the hospital. How are you doing?

Redanne said...

Sorry to hear that you have been in hospital, I have not visited or been around much, for the same reason. Hope you are improving, nothing aids healing quite like a good crafting session. Healing hugs, Anne x

Cestina said...

I'm so glad that you are safely home from hospital. Take good care of yourself and enjoy your crafting in peace and quiet.

butterfly said...

Lots of love in the comment below!!
Alison xx

Victoria said...

Hello sweet friend..sorry to hear you were in the hospital..hope you are ok, and senind you warm hugs of healing and light and massive sparkles! Beautiful creations as are super creative!