Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Look at how beautifully this was wrapped.

With a metal heart and one of her sweet deer's.

Gorgeous tissue paper..

My Dear cousin sent me my favorite stamp.
I know we are not only cousins but soul sisters.

I have wanted this stamp for a very long time,
loooooove the birds in the grasses.
I can't wait to start playing with these, you'll probably
get sick of seeing it :O).
Thanks for visiting when I can't return the visit..
My tags for out of the country are in the post...
Big hugs and love to you all..
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Julie Ann Lee said...

Hello, Dianne, I managed to get on and comment - yay! I hope the stamp will bring you joy and that your Christmas will be a very happy one and your New Year healthy and full of friendship and fun. Julie Ann xx

Dr Sonia S V said...

Dianne I love the felt reindeer so adorable

Anonymous said...

The gift wrap is a gift in itself but to receive a stamp that you wanted, now that is as special as it can get for a stamper.
Enjoy and remember to share your creations with us you sweet lady.
Festive Wishes

butterfly said...

Well... I don't know what happened, but somehow your blog dropped out of my feed. Nothing has been coming through on Blogger Dashboard to say that there were new posts - I'm SO sorry - I really wasn't ignoring you!! I just assumed you were taking some time over Christmas to rest and fully recover.

So - I'm here for some proper catching up (looking forward to that a lot, having just browsed through quickly to see how much I'd missed) - and to say thank you for my lovely Christmas card - I adore the envelope you created!!
Alison xx