Monday, 27 May 2013


Sorry for the long post, lots of stuff I did ^-^.

I have finally finished my monastery, lots of changing fixing, we learn
from our mistakes, don't we :O).
I first gessoed them, then covered both side go figure.
The front I used some gorgeous hand made paper from Malaysia,
I purchased 20 pages at a second hand store,there was 2 large
photo albums full of some amazing pages, I used them to cover
altered journals and only payed $1 a page. they have all sorts of
leaves, fibbers, it has lots of texture, I stained them all with
Tim's walnut ink.
I had no idea how to do the roofs, a bit of cardboard was sitting
on my desk, light bulb went off ^-^
I sliced it in 3 strips, these pieces fit perfect, imagine that:).
I cut 3 circles out of some paper from the steam punk botanical.
trimmed them in my gold ink.
The door handles are the backing for pierced earrings, I love them:O)
I was skpeing my DS in England, I was telling her about my make and
She told me they were Tibetan pray wheels, which was perfect.
I love the Dali Lama, which is why it is now Tibetan lololo,
always changing.
Change them I had to shesh, when I had one in my hand, I realised they spun
around, I was soooo excited butttt, I had them upside down.
So I had to take them all apart, now they can spin after I mounted them,
not that anyone will spin them, but it's kool anyway..
The backs hhmm I had some lovely dyed material I had gotten from
a Textile artist in Norfolk, Marion Barnett, she had a huge bag full of dyed pieces
all kinds of material. I fell in love with this piece, it's an old tablecloth
 the colours are yummmmy, I had to cover the back of them with it.
The doors are games pieces, I gessoed them inked with worn lipstick
stamped Chinese characters, the single on means beauty,
the other 2 mean wisdom. I used a screw clasp for a necklace for this handle.

I wanted the beads I got at the dollar store to hang, I first tried to use
thread, that didn't work, then I got out my wires and BINGO..
Worked perfectly through the holes in the cardboard, I fell in love
all over again with cardboard :O)...
 I put the wire through the back, added my bead, curled the end
to stop it from falling off then bent it where I wanted them to hang,
flip it over and curled the back easy peasy, killed my wrist but it
worked like a charm..

I curled up the ends on the roof, added some pieces of my jewelry,
It is a flower, like a lily pod.
The buddhist curve their temple roves, they believe they help ward off evil spirits...
Thanks for staying around to read all of this, and for visiting.
I wanted to tell all those wonderful woman whom I visit everyday
all inspire me to heights I never thought I could reach.
Thanks so much for the inspiration and your support.
Part 2 tomorrow..
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earthen-magic said...

...thee art truly an amazingly creative muse!...(O:

Julie Lee said...

Just had to catch this post before leaving for Stratford, although it's midnight here. So glad I saw the monastery before I left - it's just gorgeous. I shall be thinking about all the lovely details while I'm away. Inspirational!:)

Kate Yetter said...

This is fabulous, Dianne! I so love Asian inspired art. The papers and colors work perfectly together with the wire, beads and roof. A lovely creation.

Joan Ervin said...

Oh my word, Dianne...your monastery is gorgeous!!! The paper you used is art all by itself and I love how you created the roof!!!! Fabulous work, as always!!!

Mary J said...

Gosh, so much though has gone into this, Dianne - sooooo impressed!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Very pretty! Love the textures, the materials... the beads look great! You are so talented!

Redanne said...

This is such an inspirational piece, you must be so proud of yourself creating this wonderful monastery - I know I would be! A wonderful piece of art. Hugs, Anne x

Tonniece said...

OMG Di. This is so beautiful. Love the roof with all that stunning bead work. You have outdone yourself. TFS
Hugz Tonniece

Terry said...

OMG is right! This is so perfectly detailed. Love the red doors and the bead on the roof is gorgeous! Simple amazing! Hugs!

mark gould said...

Very cool. This is a lovely project. I'm a fan of the oriental stylings. The wire through the card is a real stroke of genius and looks so effective x
Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog xx