Monday, 13 May 2013



I wanted to share using tyvek, most mix media or textile artist have heard
of it. It is used in, envelopes, signs banners, tags and protective clothing.
Which I have a lot of, so I got an old pic from my older blog  and posted
some beads I made. I sent some in my packages but they were pretty wonky.
I painted on it then wrapped them around a skewer and then with wire.
You can heat it and it wrinkles and bubbles. very lovely texture,
they do make lovely beads.
When you get an envelope in the post of this product keep it and play with it
just have some fun..
Thanks for visiting and have a great day..
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Monika/Buzsy said...

These beads look great Dianne! I don't think I've seen this materials... unless it's similar to some of the plastic table cloths (not the really thin ones you get at the $1 srote).

Kate Yetter said...

These are so awesome looking!

earthen-magic said...


Sue Lelli said...

Dianne, you make the most Amazing things! LOVE the beads from tyvek!

Gio said...

Love your beads, Dianne! Much better then the ones on paper, for me.

Thanks thanks thank you for your kind words on my blog, I really appreciate :-)

Kelly Griglione said...

So interesting, I never would have thought to paint on tyvek since it has a smooth surface. Can't wait to try it! I didn't know that was the same stuff that they use to wrap houses with (that's how I know the name). Thanks for sharing your very cool idea!

And, you are so very sweet, Dianne. Namaste! : )

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

hmmmm this does look really interesting and actually not to hard to make!
love all your ideas you have!

Shelby said...

So cool looking and oh so creative!!


Anonymous said...

I clicked on them a couple times to enlarge and really appreciate the great texture. AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing this great idea. =)

Stamping With Bibiana said...

Dear Dianne:
I have seen them but never have done one...I have to try one of these days...thanks for showing me something new to try ..
love it

~*~Patty S said...

your beads are fabulous!

I have wanted to try that and have saved some tyvek ... I know it's here somewhere?


Jenn Bedient said...

Dianne, the beads are lovely. I was wondering a bit exactly how it was done, this gives me all the information I needed- thanks so much for posting it. Funny, I had always thought Tyvek was a different material. I've used what I thought were Tyvek envies for years, but the stuff you sent package in is completely different. Will have to try this soon!