Sunday, 19 May 2013


I just got to my desk yesterday, and have a few thing happening:)..
I made the star box a while ago, but I had no idea how to decorate
the lid.
I added some acetate under the punched boarder to strengthen it.
I made some flowers from crepe paper, I have half a shoe box of old
crepe paper, do you remember when it was thick and double sided,
different color,its very thick and lovely and sturdy,.
I found a couple of videos how to make flowers with crepe paper.
Mine came
out a little different,,
I like how they turned out.
The one with the read clip on it is or was a deep purple one one side a
pale greyish mauve, I made the flower then rubbed it in black soot.
I sprayed it with water to mix the ink, but when it got wet, I became
dark purple, will se how it looks when dry..
I have some feathers to add and a few bits and bobs..

I wanted to empty the ink I made so,
so I sprayed, dropped it in blobs, blew it with a straw,  I let it run on the page..
 I used my walnut ink for the first time in oh my 2 years.
It's been sitting in my fridge and ageing.
I sent some in my giveaways and poured a ink bottle full myself.
I did the same thing,dropped it blew on it ran it along the tags.
The ink is quite dark, black walnut:):)
I'm going to put some in a spray bottle and add alcohol, see if it lighten
it up.
I'm also working on my umm, houses, umm Monastery it seems to becoming:O).
Show that soon,
Thanks so much for visiting....
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butterfly said...

So sorry you've been having a difficult time... and I'm so pleased you managed to find some time at your desk (as well as visiting the WHOLE of Words and Pictures, by the sound of it - wow!!). I love your inky splatters against those delicate colours and the star box looks great!
Alison x

MagsB said...

Wow, the crepe paper flowers look so effective! I love yout multicoloured papers, too, what pretty colours, and the splatter looks so dramatic!

Have a good week!

love Mags B x

Shelby said...

ooooh those flowers look so cool. I really love the deep purple one! Love how you've done the inks with the straw as well. Great work


Patty Sue 2 said...

Love this...I had never thought of using acetate...brilliant idea!

earthenmagic said...


Anonymous said...

I love how you are always experimenting. The last middle inked paper looks like a tree with a heart next to the right side of the trunk! Can you see it? Great flowers too. =)

Candy C said...

Dianne...THANK YOU so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment about my skewer card. You made me feel so good! :) I had to come see your blog and I'm glad that I did! Your star box is very cool. I love the crepe paper flowers that you made. Your top for your box is coming along beautifully. Love the black and white theme! Then...I totally love those papers that you're spritzing, spraying and blowing to get rid of extra ink. They are gorgeous! Little works of art already! <3 Candy

Tonniece said...

Awesome flowers Di. You are so creative and inspiring girl.
Big Hugz Tonniece

Meihsia Liu said...

What a busy workspace you have. Love the project you are working on. The colors are awesome. Thank you for sharing. ^_^

Julie Ann Lee said...

Thanks for dropping by, Cousin! You know you're right about kittens; a warm glow indeed! they do ruffle magpie feathers! I think Daisy, our elderly cat who has no interest in any kind of birds must have been influencing me there! Anyway, I love the texture and the look of those flowers and did you make your own Walnut stain? I love all you're doing - the inks are great. Ooh yes, I used Picasa on my last lot of photos to improve them so many thanks for your hint. xxx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, many, many thanks for the walnut hint! My mum has a tree and gives me walnuts each year. Now I can have so much fun making stain!xxx

Stamping With Bibiana said...

love the background

Monika/Buzsy said...

The box looks great. Love the shape and the way you put it together. Is there a template, or did you come up with it all by yourself? Either way, it's fabulous!