Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Welcome.. If you're here for the blog hop its' the lovely Julia  who is very busy but still hosting for us,
the best blog hop in blog land, grab a CUPPA and have look
at all the fabulous artist  here 
I've been busy getting my giveaway ready, going through all my Stuff.
Sorting, wrapping everything in reusable pkg. and tied with ribbon and string.
 I'm doing 3 parcels this is one..
I added some notes of what I used the things for and they could
use it for whatever, even pass it on and share.
I have to bottle up my own walnut ink, then can send it off to the post.
I had such a fun time, it was like Christmas wrapping it all.. 

I took a pic of the inks I was making..
I wanted to mention, I go shop at Chinese stores, they have all kinds
of little bowls which are great for mixing, paint and gesso, etc.
I have got a few kits for writing Chinese Script, its art, all on its own,
I was teaching myself to write :O)..
The kit comes with wonderful brushes to write or paint with,
there is ink, solid and powder, a stone to grind the hard ink.
They also have a tiny spoon, you can see it in my mica powder jar.
It's the perfect size for those shiny powders.
My next project will be an Asian theme, I'm gessoing some beer mats for it.
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful creative week..
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Julie Ann Lee said...

Hi there, my magpie cousin! I love the idea of the Chinese goodies and those little packages are so exciting! I must investigate the crop, as I'm new to all this! Have a brilliant, magpie day! Good luck with the Asian theme too. I love all things Asian and calligraphy too.

Candace said...

Thanks for sharing your crafty space and have a great week

Happy Crafting
Candace #64

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love the bowls. Haven't heard of that blog hop. On my way to check it out.

Regina Hamilton said...

Wow..You are busy. Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting. #1

Ria Gall said...

Hi Dianne
it really does look like Christmas at your house some people are going very happy getting this coming to their door
Thanks for sharing your desk today, Happy WOYWW hope you have a great week
Ria #42

mark gould said...

Happy woyww, thanks for stopping by. Looks like some people are about to be very happy. happy hopping, mark x

Anonymous said...

wow you are so busy.the parcels look so nice I wouldn"t want to open Sharing is a good thing and the winners will love their gifts

earthenmagic said...


Nan G said...

Such prettily wrapped goodies! Your own cool! Love the play with sprays one post below! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #87

Joan Ervin said...

Thanks for the link, Dianne...I'll have to go check out the hop!!! Your little bowls look perfect for paints and other crafty goodies...they look a lot better than the tin pans I use...I so need to go shopping!!!

Meihsia Liu said...

It's such a great idea to use those bows to mixed colors. Can't wait to see your Asian themed project. ^_^

Julia Dunnit said...

Must be very deeply satisfying, the grinding and mixing..your desk looks like the desk of an alchemist!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful color pallet you have created with your inks and the results are just fabulous. All your pretty packages will be so enjoyed I am sure!

iris said...

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merci de votre passage
si jamais vous ne trouviez pas le livre , je peux vous l' envoyer
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edith (iris)

Tonniece said...

Everything looks YUMMY. What lucky crafters they are to be getting all that yumminess.
I can't wait to see you asian creations Di, as you know I love all things asian.
Hugz Tonniece

butterfly said...

Ooh... well, you know I'm very excited to see all those preparations - tee, hee!!
Alison x

Jenn Bedient said...

Oh, how fun and exciting! Can't wait to see what's in that goodie box and what you've used it for. What wonderful inspiration! Absolutely cannot wait either to see your next project- I love Asian themes too. And that's such an awesome blue jean card for Tonneice's granddaughter- she does wonderful art!