Friday, 26 July 2013


I finally got to my desk to finish my project.
I needed to make a box for Gio's wallet she gave me so I could
display it and it wouldn't get dirty or ruined.
Took pic's before I put the acetate on it, no glare :).
Used an empty box for perfume Tabu, Sue's, I have a few boxes.
Made a little pillow from some old embroider sheets, so it sat
up higher in the box.
Made a spray with gelatos,  pink and purple,
shave some and put it with water in your small spray bottle wait for a while
 then shake, shake, shake,shake,shake,shake,
you put your right foot in, sorry :O).
Sprayed it on bubble wrap then laid my tissue on it, lifted off
carefully, then let it dry, better to use thicker kind, I didn't
Stamped  with some script.
I also sprayed it on a piece of pattern tissue,  stamped with a teapot.
I don't have a cup stamp like on the wallet, but thought to use the
pot to pour the tea:).
Used 2 layers over the whole box then cut out the teapot,
no not fussy cut, never:). Modge podged it all.
I sanded the edges down then used the same gelatos to go
around the edges rubbed it in.
Added some string, well you can knit with this stuff, ladder
something LOL.
A couple of side view.
I didn't want to add much, just wanted to showcase the wallet.

Now I have time to visit all of the wonderful artist,
I'll be going away on the first 2 weeks of august.
for our family reunion, its our 48th one soooo
I have to make a stack of cards for our craft table
and make a rum cake for the bake table. Thats what
I'll be doing this week..
Thanks so much for stopping by and having a look.
Have a wonderful creative day..
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Lynne Moncrieff said...

This is incredible!
Gio will be so touched that you put so much love and care into altering a box to display her lovely wallet.
This is outstanding.
How a wonderful reunion and please, share with us all about it when you return.

Julie Lee said...

This is a really worthy home for the lovely wallet! I love those pretty teapots. It's great to see you back crafting Dianne and something so gorgeous too. I could imagine you doing a lovely magpie dance as you shook your spray! Have a great reunion - I'm sure that rum cake will be yummy too! Julie Ann xx

Mary J said...

I love love your grungy bow, Dianne!

butterfly said...

Beautiful, Dianne... done with such care and a perfect complement to the wallet. Hope you have a wonderful reunion!
Alison x

Julia Aston said...

What a delightful place to store that lovely wallet! love all the techniques you used on this Dianne! Have a super time at your reunion! Love the pics on your post below as well!

MagsB said...

Oh how beautiful! A true work of art!

(I had to laugh at your 'shake it all about.' I sing that whenever I have to shake anything, whether Glimmer Mist or Vinaigrette!)

love Mags B x

earthen-magic said...


Kate Yetter said...

Such a beautiful piece of altered art. I love the various textures and fibers you have included. And its purple! I love it!

Sue Lelli said...

FABULOUS box for a FABULOUS wallet! LOVE all of your techniques and layers! Enjoy your family reunion, Dianne!

Julie Lee said...

Hello Dianne. Just to say a big thank you for telling me about Chelsea Physic Garden pics on Flickr! Fab! Loved them! Hope you enjoy Sara's book! Happy reunion again and thanks for being the loveliest follower a magpie could wish for and an inspiration! Julie Ann x

trisha too said...

Beautiful, Dianne! Have a wonderful reunion.


Astrid Maclean said...

Wow, this is stunning, so much detail and texture and the perfect compliment to the wallet, love it! Hope the reunion will be wonderful!

Diane said...

Beautiful and once again so creative...isn't great how we make use and recycle something into beauty!!

Meihsia Liu said...

What a fun and fabulous project, Dianne. The colors and texture are totally gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful reunion! Hugs. :)

Gio said...

Naaaaaa, the box is better then my purse!! And I really glad about it!I'm honoured :-)

Kelly Griglione said...

What a lovely idea to dress up the wallet box! All your layers are just gorgeous. And now I'm mentally doing the Hokey Pokey : )

Hope you're off to lots of good times at your family reunion! I'm impressed that it's 2 weeks long!

Laurart said...

This is so wonderful! I love it! Lots of love from Laura xxxxxxxx