Thursday, 4 July 2013



The beautiful card Gio made for me, I love the Italian book page, love
the sentiment, it's beautiful..

Look at the texture I love it. 

A lovely little journal for me to start experimenting in a little journal ling.
Thanks for visiting and letting me share my fabulous winning art work.
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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful gift from Gio and I cannot wait to see your art in this Journal you won!

butterfly said...

What a lovely card by Gio, and lovely album too... can't wait to see what you create in it...
Alison x

earthenmagic said...


Julia Aston said...

What a wonderful mixed media cover - how fun it will be to make entries into this beautiful journal!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

I cannot believe you, you are so rich in friendships GF! Enjoy enjoy enjoy! hugs