Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hello my lovely visitors, hope you're stopping by for
the sneak peek at all the wonderful artist around the world,
all made possible by our Julia, who with her kindness and
always great giggles, makes it the best day of the week.
Grab a cuppa head over here and enjoy...
The sheet of, I think it might be Lutador my DS in England
dyed, its very sheer, and GORGEOUS. I needed something for
a night scene for a tag I'm making for my other DS.
I covered some card stock to put on one of my altered large tags.
This is for the back of the cover, my tags have a cover:). 

I had this water colour paper I made a while back, I used
a cut up plastic table cloth, I covered it with gesso and
pressed it on the paper, I had added some distressed inks.
I was going for an ocean beach scene, I wiped it with a
baby wipe, most of it came off.

I inked it again and cut it to fit the front on the left,
the background for the inside on the right,
I love how it turned out looking like the sand and ocean.
I can show it finished after I give it to her on the 20th.

My DS (birthday girl) gave me an old tray the other day,
it had a scene from Europe in the late 1800s.
I have made a few trays for gifts,  so I decided to alter this
one for her. I reinforced the bottom and am painting it.

I mixed the colours I have to make a lovely brown, I'm
hoping to finish it today. I have another BD for my SM.
I was also busy making some key fobs for  Julie my Magpie
cousin, she is a wonderful artist, she has only blogging since
April, her blog is a wonderful place to get inspired,
 for a  newbie she is fabulous, if you haven't seen her work
its worth a look, Julie Ann Lee. You'll have to look over there,
cas you know me, I forgot to take a single pic of them, I'm
such a scatterbrain for a magpie, it must be my age yap
that's it LOL.
I know I'm suppose to keep it short, that's hard for me, if
you're still here, thanks a bunch for visiting and have a
 great sneak around the world,  have a wonderful day..

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Julie Ann Lee said...

Hi Dianne, what lovely things you're in the midst of making! I wish I was by that ocean you're busy creating today - it's very hot and humid here! I'd like to see that tray when it's finished too! Thank you, dear Coz, for the 'shout-out' and for all the lovely gifts you sent and for all the encouragement - you have become one of the biggest inspirations in my life! Not that you're literally big of course - just a tiny magpie like me! Julie Ann xx #45

ike said...

Fantastic background on the tags - it certainly does look like the sand/sea - bit like an aerial photo of somewhere in Oz !!! Superb.
I did go visit Julie too ... she makes some lovely creations :-D

Happy WOYWW 215

IKE in Greece #33

Lynda Norton said...

Altered trays sound amazing, can we see more please? would be a great idea for C.. (oops, nearly) gifts.

Lynda #84

Felicity W said...

Dear Dianne,
Just to let you know that I am fine these days, just a bit busy.

I like your work, you are right, it's like ocean. It looks like the artwork from nature.

keep in touch.


Uniflame said...

What a great ocean and beach backgrounds! So wonderful! I am very curious how it will turn out when it is completed :) Uniflame - 63

Eliza said...

Those backgrounds are fantastic, love them. The tray sounds wonderful, I will have to check back to see how things progress.

Happy WOYWW Eliza 26

susibee said...

Lovely backgrounds:)

Happy WOYWW Susi #73

Terry said...

Love those backgrounds and the cooling colors! Can't wait to see the completed projects! Enjoy!

Ria Gall said...

Hi Dianne
you have been busy and that lovely sheet is just stunning that could be used for so many great projects.
Love your idea for the tray
Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your week with this lovely weather
Ria #75

Danie May said...

Wow looks like you have some great projects on the go at present I particularly love the look of the your ocean themed tags, and will have to pop back to see the end result. Happy WOYWW! Danie #34

earthenmagic said...


Victoria said...

Wow..such beauty and freshness and lightness in these creations...really striking and visually captivating..the patterns that come out are magical.. like imprints of fossils and shells...wings..totally fantastical!
Beautiful creations my friend!!
Shine on!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love your tags! Isn't it great that simple household items are just the thing sometimes! Great colours you've used on the lutrador! Chris120

butterfly said...

Fabulous tag backgrounds, and so many exciting projects under way!
Alison x

Darnell J Knauss said...

Happy Belated WOYWW, Dianne! Your background paper is so beautiful, totally beachy! Can't wait to see how your tray turns out! Thanks, as always, for your visits and the encouraging words and love you leave on my blog! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #20