Friday, 5 July 2013

SECOND WIN !!! ^-^...

Well I am just so blessed to have won 2 magnolia stamps,
from Suzanne Dean who I'm sure you know, she is a
outstanding artist, her coloring is top notch
you can find her here
I do so admire all the fantastic coloring artist I visit,
I'm not too good at coloring :).
Now the good part, I was getting them from,
Diana Crick, OMGOODNESS, we all know she is the
creator of Scor-Pal, yikess...
She was so sweet to send a BEAUTIFUL little tag (above)
sitting right on my swivel with all my tools.
the mini magnolia, which by they way is a Cook,
which was my occupation for 28 great years,
imagine that, is she physic , I'm sure she wouldn't have
time to look me up, if she did well bless her.
Oh did I mention she is Canadian :O).
I couldn't find her blog but believe me she is all over google.
I have the gorgeous tag in a place of honour to always inspire me.
My room has my artist friends work all around for inspiration..
Sorry to be going on, but I'm so excited to share these lovely things with you.
Oh and the 2  very cute stamps below I won, my good friend Sheila
looooove Magnolia's so I have given them to her,
I did stamp these on watercolor paper and will soon try to color them, wish me luck LOL..
Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful creative fun weekend.
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Julie Ann Lee said...

Well done, Dianne! I am so excited for you. Do you like cooking after doing it for all those years? I love baking and preparing dishes for the people I love - cooks are artists too, I think! It's such a pretty tag. I'm looking forward to seeing how you colour those stamps. Have a great weekend of creativity! Julie Ann xx

Anita Houston said...

Big congrats to you for you two wins here! Love what you got!

butterfly said...

Congrats on your double win - and how sweet to pass on some of the joy to your friend. Lovely tag too!
Alison x

earthenmagic said...

...biggest giggles! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred!...(O:

Kimberly Hogan said...

No need to apologize for being excited about winning something, especially from someone you admire. I think it's perfectly acceptable and I would do the same. I enjoyed reading through your blog. You have created some very beautiful work. Your blog posts just exude happiness and cheerfulness. I've enjoyed my visit. Have a wonderful weekend. (((HUGS)))

Candy C said...

Hey Dianne....WooHoo to YOU! Congrats on the wins! Way to go. You must be living right! haha I wanted to THANK YOU so much for your very very sweet comments you left on my blog about my Ranger pieces. You really know how to make a girl feel soooo good. :) Your comments came a a perfect time for me. Feeling a bit of a loss of the ol' "mojo" at the moment. So, thanks for the inspration! Have a great weekend. <3 Candy

Sue Lelli said...

Well, YOU are a Lucky girl winning all of these goodies! Time to buy a lottery ticket!!!

Shelby said...

Congrats on winning such awesome stamps!! Love the tag that came with them as well. Good luck with coloring, you'll have a blast


Darnell J Knauss said...

Congratulations again, Dianne!! Well done! If there are lotteries where you are, you should go and buy a ticket!!

trisha too said...

Well lucky you, Dianne--congratulations! You are putting your new Magnolias to fine use.


fairy thoughts said...

Hi Dianne
oh those stamps are so cute well done on your wins
late getting round because of the tennis
janet #31

Redanne said...

Hi Dianne, well with two wins under your belt there is sure to be a third! Love the Magnolia tag and your win from Gio is beautiful too. Fingers crossed for a third win my friend. Big hugs, Anne x

Anonymous said...

What a sweet tag you received and congratulations on another win.
New stamps to play with - now that is always fun!

Meihsia Liu said...

Wow... Congrats! Dianne. Your work is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you are going to come up with these two new stamps. Love. :)

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Lucky you, you must have a horseshoe, you know where....and then I see another winner below, OMG

Jenn Bedient said...

Ohhh, congrats! Such cute stamps!